Varsity Game - Payson

​  Player: Payton Kelepolo
   Offensive Player: Brennan Rymer 

                               Seth Mortensen
   Defensive Player: Andrew Slack
   Special Teams: Brodie Taylor
   Scout Team Defense: Josh Carly
   Scout Team Offense:  Nate Lister  
   JV Game: No Game

   Sophomore Game: O-Line

  Varsity Game - Lehi

  Player: Jackson Murphy ​

 Offensive Player: Demetrius Mutini         

 Defensive Player: Vili Kolomalu      

   Special Teams:   Ben Schriener

   Scout Team:  

         Defense:  Antonio Brown        

         Offense:   Ryker Jenkins

   JV: Randal Gleave

   Sophomore: Isiah Webb

Varsity Game - Skyridge

  Player:  Andrew Slack

   Offensive Player:  Seth Mortenson

   Defensive Player: Bradlely Nicol     ​

   Special Teams:  Max Nadauld

   Scout Team Defense: Owen Rowe

   Scout Team Offense:  Bradyn Jackson

​​ JV Game: Sione Kolomalu

  Sophomore: Jaeden Church                          

 Varsity Game
         Offensive Player:  
       Defensive Player:  
       Special Teams:     
       Scout Team:        

Varsity Game

   Offensive Player:
   Defensive Player:
   Special Teams:
   Scout Team Defense:
   Scout Team Offense:    
   JV Game: 

   Sophomore Game: 

 Varsity Game - Wasatch

  Player: Junior Mulipola
   Offensive Player: Braden Jackson

                                Demitruis Mutini
   Defensive Player: Vili Kolomalu
   Special Teams: Simote Iloa
   Scout Team Defense: Jaxson Tijerina

   Scout Team Offense: Zach McCallson
  JV Game: Sean Hollaway
  Sophomore Game: Chase Clemente

  Varsity Game - Dixie

 Player: Brennan Rymer

Offensive Player: Payton Kelepolo, Gavin Diede        Defensive Player: Junior Mulipola, Jackson Murphy  Special Teams: Cater Walker         

   Scout Team:  Offence - Braxton Geary

                         Defense - Colton Tuttle               


2017  Players of the Week

Varsity Game
     Offensive Player:  
   Defensive Player:  
   Special Teams:     
   Scout Team:          

  Lehi JV Game:
  Lehi  Sophomore Game:

​​​​Springville Football

  Varsity Game - Uintah

  Player: Cole Bowers

   Offensive Player: Jantsen Thorpe           

   Defensive Player: Jaxon Child

   Special Teams:  Max Nadauld

   Scout Team Defense: Cade Gardanier

   Scout Team Offense: Corbin Gilson

 JV Game: Randall Gleave

 Sophomore Game: No Game

  Varsity Game - Maple Mt

  Player: Jackson Murphy

   Offensive Player: Payton Kelepolo 

   Defensive Player: Lakei Kolomalu

   Special Teams: Jaxon Child

   Scout Team Defense: Simote Iloa

   Scout Team Offense:  Tyler Strong   

 JV Game: Tanner Cannon   

 Sophomore Game: Clayton Johnson

  Varsity Game - Salem Hills

   Player: Jackson Murphy
   Offensive Player: O-Line
   Defensive Player: Bennett Hullinger
   Special Teams: Carter Walker
   Scout Team Defense: Hallister Wilson
   Scout Team Offense:  Jacob Faber
   JV Game: O-Line

   Sophomore Game: Linebackers ​

  Varsity Game - Spanish Fork

  Player: Bennett Hullinger        

   Offensive Player: Jaxon Child                                

   Defensive Player: Andrew Slack

   Special Teams: Griffan Slavens

   Scout Team Defense: Trevor Mosley

   Scout Team Offense:  Draden Boyer

​​ JV Game: Ty Erickkson                            

 Sophomore Game: Ryder Peterson